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Ceiling Tile Cleaning

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Ceiling Tile Cleaning


People have always just thrown away ceiling tiles when the get dirty, replacing them with a fresh batch. With companies paying closer attention to their wallets, and wanting to become more environmentally conscience, they are looking for better ideas.

Tile cleaning is a great way to save money, time and improve the overall appearance and sanitation of your restaurunt, office, or business.

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Why Clean Ceiling Tiles Instead of Replace Them?



No permits needed

Business operations not affected

Tiles cleaned in place

No hassles
Painting voids acoustic value

No Disposal expense

Over 20 years experience




Why Replacing Ceiling Tile is a BAD idea…

Business WILL be interrupted

Cost / labor  to replace grid


Must Cleanup & sanitize everything
Must obtain permit

Cost / labor to take down tiles

Cost to purchase / install new tiles

Clean tiles show next to dirty ones
Tile grid MUST be up to date

Cost of Disposal

Replacing tile is messy



    NOTE: Painting dirty ceiling tiles is not a good solution. Painting will change the fire rating dramatically. Paint can act as a glue (once dried) in between the grid and the tiles. Also, you can forget about acoustics because after painting the noise level in your business will double in volume.



    Commercial Cleaning

    We offer professional janitorial and business custodial service. Commercial cleaning takes a level of dedication, attention to detail and dependability that many other cleaning companies just do not have. Our commercial cleaning teams are trained, licensed and bonded and will provide the professional level cleaning services you demand from a janitorial business.



    Our Additional Cleaning Details

    Light Lenses

    Grid System

    Sprinkler Systems
    Incoming and Outgoing Air Grids

Address:New York, Wall st. 25/1


Name:Robert Thompson

Date:17 Aug 2015



Comments Comments: 4963

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