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Exterior Cleaning

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Commercially Clean is Internationally Certified


Building-Pressure-WashingOur crews are certified to clean almost any building exterior and/or interior surface. With over 20 years of knowledge backing this department, you know that your job will be completed right and in a timely matter. No project is too big or too small for us. From drive thru coffee stands to airplane hangers, we have you covered. We comply with OSHA requirements and have access to heavy equipment for larger projects.


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Pressure Washing

Pressure washing is a very common service, especially in Alaska. What separates us from ALL other companies is the cleaning agents we use. Most companies use a degreaser to help aid when pressure washing.

Why is this bad? When using a degreaser on an exterior of a building 2 things happen:

1) A degreasing CHEMICAL is sprayed at high pressure all over the grounds, including cars, passers walking by, your staff, trees and birds nesting happily in the tree.

2) A degreaser washes dirt and grime off of your building and onto the ground. This only serves to put that same dirt & grime back on your building, have it drain somewhere else or attach to something else.



Certified and Trained

Our crews have been certified in using SOLUTIONS in our pressure washing – not a degreaser. Our solutions actually BREAK DOWN THE DIRT PARTICLES at a molecular level. Why is this good?

1) By breaking DOWN dirt (on a molecular level) instead of breaking it APART, you are ensured that your building will be cleaned the best possible way.

2) The by-product is much less likely to get tracked inside onto your carpet, plowed into a corner at next snowfall or sprayed back onto your building at next heavy rainfall or windstorm.


Materials We Can Clean

Remember WE ARE THE ONLY COMPANY IN ALASKA CERTIFIED TO WORK WITH OUR SOLUTIONS. We also Hand-wiping as another option for delicate applications or hard to clean surfaces.

We have been trained to clean:

Stainless Steel


You name it!

Galvanized Metals




Call us and see for yourself…. With FREE BIDS you cannot go wrong. Hey, we won’t even charge you for all of the good information.

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Comments Comments: 2280

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