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Anchorage Maid Cleaning Services


girl2We know that your time is valuable. After a long day at work, who has time to come home and clean? Hire a maid and spend your treasured down time with your family and friends or, just relax while reading a book.

Our Anchorage maid cleaning services are available to fit your schedule, whether it be weekly, every other week, or monthly. We customize our services to your lifestyle.

Our staff has been trained and have spent time with management on job sites before they are assigned to the maid services department. This insures a solid cleaning person that is both knowledgeable and efficient.

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green-bizEnvironmentally Friendly

We love it here in Alaska and do our part in leaving as little of a footprint as possible. With the use of cleaning products that are not harmful to the environment and the use of product that we can reuse, we are happy to call ourselves a green business.



Your Privacy and Our Personal Touch

During our hiring process our applicants go through an extensive background check before they become a maid. We also have drug testing policies in place and have never had to enforce this policy. We assign one or two people to your account who stay on your account. We want you to be on a first name basis with the maid assigned to you. We have both men and women available to clean making sure you are comfortable with us being there if you are home or not.



Moving in or Out of a home or business?

If you are moving in or moving out of a location cleaning can be the last thing you have time or energy for. Allow our professional maid service to take care of the cleaning services for you. Getting a cleaning deposit back that you paid on a rental can be very valuable and we know what it takes to pass the inspection. If you are trying to get a rental ready to show, we can do the work for you. Call to day for a free estimate for move in / move out cleaning services.

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Comments Comments: 1386

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