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Move In Move Out Cleaning

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Why Move in Move out Cleaning Services?


moving-266x300If you’re ready to relocate, you already have your hands full. There are so many details that need to be covered. The last thing you need to worry about is the clean up. When you find yourself needing help, our team is second to none. Maybe you just sold your home and are moving into another, or are moving from apartment to apartment – either way, we can help you in your transition. Let us help carry the load and lift the stress off of your shoulders.

We have a skilled and affordable team waiting for your call, so that we can schedule you quickly. Moving is a big job! So, please let us help you with the cleaning, so that you can focus on what’s important… you and your family!

Our professional teams of cleaners specialize in making apartments, condominiums, houses and business offices clean and ready for inspection. If you are in Anchorage or Eagle River and know when you are moving, call us ahead of time. We will come out and give you a free estimate. If your in the middle of a relocation, and realize you bit off a little more than you can handle, our crews can step in and save you the effort, cost and time of the clean up.

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We Offer Services To Clean



Commercial Buildings

Residential Homes





Moving Out Of A Location?

We can arrange to have teams arrive on a specific day & time and for completion to be done prior to your scheduled inspection. Countless people have gone through the heartache of losing their deposit because the place they were leaving wasn’t cleaned properly. Don’t let that happen to you. Make double sure you get back all that is due you by hiring one of our teams to make it look spotless, before inspection.



Apartments & Commercial Spaces

Apartment owners and commercial building managers have lost many deals from potential tenants because the space was not properly cleaned before it was shown. This can cost a landlord or building owner hundreds of thousands of dollars, over the length of a lease term. Make sure your apartments or commercial spaces are ready to show. Our professional cleaning teams can do the job quickly, thoroughly and economically.

Also – Our house cleaning services run 6 days a week. Let Commercially Clean be your one stop clean team. Call us and save time & money! We can clean your home, apartment or office and even steam clean your carpets on the same day!



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Comments Comments: 1171

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